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  1. Togo

    German cargo liner TOGO, imo 5363029/ 140m/ 5.042gt/ 16kn; 09/1936 completed by Bremer Vulkan, Vegesack, for Woermann Linie, Hamburg; 1942 CORONEL. Kriegsmarine, converted in a raider; 08/1945 seized by British as war prize; 1947 SVALBARD, Norwegian government, as war reparations; 1954 STELLA...
  2. Topeka

    ex-Hilfkreuzer Coronel
  3. Topeka

    ex-Hilfskreuzer Coronel
  4. Togo

    From the bay level ther is next to nothing showing of the lower hull, however it is more intact than its neighbour, the unfortunate Otago.
  5. Togo

    The largely intact lower hull of the Togo in Hobart's Otago Bay.
  6. Togo

    At Kirkwall 19/7/06
  7. Togo

    At Kirkwall 19/7/06
1-7 of 7 Results