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    Vehicles carrier TORINO alongside at Halterm, Halifax, N.S. on 5th August 2015. IMO No: 9398321 Build 2009 Yard: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Nagasaiki Shipyard and Machine Works, Nagasaiki, Japan. LOA 200 LPP 192 B 32.3 D 36 Draught 11,0(meters). GT 61,328 tons DWT 22,160 tons. Capacity: 6,542 cars
  2. Swinging Torino in the Yarra

    Behind Torino is the tug Gabo swinging her around in the Yarra. Melbourne.
  3. Torino

    Torino passing under the Westgate Bridge on the Yarra River, Melbourne, 23 Feb 2010. Ugly looking ship but functional.
1-3 of 3 Results