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  1. Torpedoboat Möwe-class

    A German torpedo boat either of Type MÖWE or WOLF seen here covered by a long wave during maneuvers in the North Sea in the late 1920's, photographed from another torpedo boat. The 12 units of Type 1923 and 1924, also known as the Raubvogel (Möwe-class) and Raubtier (Wolf-class) type...
  2. Battle of Jutland - Torpedo boat attack

    The picture shows the attack of the 3rd German torpedo boat flotilla against the 5th and 6th British Battleship Squadron on May 31st, 1916, about 7.50 p.m. The attack included the boats V 73, G 88, S 54 and G 42. Initially they were ordered to rescue the crew of the crippled cruiser Wiesbaden...
  3. Torpedo Boats

    Caption : 4 Torpedobootszerstorer fur die Kaiserl Chinesische Marine. Gebaut von F. Schichau in Elbing - 1898
  4. Torpedo boats

    Boulogne, 1912 or earlier. Three French torpedo boats. Interestingly they only carry half boats. One must presume that French ingenuity have made the two halves readily combinable even with nervous fingers(?). The retractable hatchways, (or access portals or whatever is the English word), seems...
1-4 of 4 Results