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  1. Steam Ship Bremnes (5050418), (Backers Rederi A/S, Kristiansund)

    General Cargo, Steam Ship Bremsnes, keel laid, April 1946, and launched, Monday, 24/03/1947, as the General Cargo, Steam Ship Andwi, to yard number 220, by John Crown and Sons Limited, Strand Slipway, Monkwearmouth, Sunderland, and completed and delivered, Saturday, 10/05/1947, to Rolf Wigand...
  2. Trader

  3. Trader

    Harrison Line Trader was a compact cargo ship built by A/B Lindholmens Varv. at Gothenburg in 1966 for the West Indies and Central America service. Of 6448 gr tons she is seen in London's West India Docks 18 July 1971.
  4. Trader

    Harrisons' heavy-lifter, Trader
  5. Trader

    Trader passing Gladstone Dock Liverpool, outward bound for Vlissingen. 21/7/10
  6. Trader

    Side on view of the Trader in East Float Birkenhead. 17/7/10
  7. Trader

    Dutch registered cargo ship Trader alongside at East Float, Birkenhead, 17/7/10. Unusual these days to see a ship with the accomodation midships, and that huge funnel sprouting from the main deck looks strange
  8. Trader

    Trader in Suez Canal 13-3-2007 Details unknown
  9. Trader

    "Trader" in the port of Leixoes on the 31st March 2007, with an ES on the funnel, Edwin Strahlmann or could be Eddie Stobart as this german company is rapidly becoming the Eddie Stobart of Coastal Shipping...they probably now have more Ships than stobart has Trucks..
1-9 of 9 Results