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  1. Transcanada

    Hugo Stinnes Transcanada was at Newcastle Quay in 1973. With a heavy duty floating crane nearby I presume she was to load some bulky gear, possibly a turbine or generator from Parsons. From 1971 she was 6,851 gr tons and her usual trade was to The Great Lakes.
  2. Transcanada

    A member of the Poseidon Line fleet
  3. MV Transcanada

    1971 as TRANSCANADA build and delivered to Poseidon Schiffahrt GmbH, Hamburg. 1974 to Bangladesh Shipping Co, Chittagong (BH) renamed to BANGLAR SWAPNA 1991 during a Cyclon through drifting and a Collision heavy Damage sustained 1992 beached and scrapped from M.R.Enterprise
1-3 of 3 Results