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  1. Ship Research
    Hello I’m a teacher at Ormiston Maritime Academy. We are researching famous trawlers from Grimsby for a project. I wondered if anyone can help me in any trawlers that are famous / great achievements. It would really help our students. Thanks
  2. Ship Research
    I'm doing research on what life was like on Grimsby and Hull trawlers in the 1970s. How many meals a day did the crew eat? I've seen some websites say it was two, and other three. Which is it? Also, what time would these meals be? I've read that the men simply ate when they could and weren't...
  3. Study

    Northern Gem Just felt like painting the ship, I like the 'pose'. Good practice for filling in the bits you can’t see, all about suggestion. I wasn’t paying attention when rigging the foremast, however if you don’t know Trawlers you probably won’t notice. Jim Ps this was written for posting...
  4. Wrecks
    Long Shot - ?Trawler/Lifeboat? Wreck Keills Danna, Mid Argyll Hi, wondering if anyone has any idea of anything of this wreck, seen in Loch na Cille, which is in between Keills and Danna, near Tayvallich, Mid Argyll, approx grid ref 700 807. Afraid, I can't tell you any more than that, aside it...
  5. Maritime Family History Research
    Hi all, Does anyone have any information on the Grimsby Trawler Valentia, especially relating to her skipper, Samuel Charles Kennington (a distant relative of my good lady wife) and his winning of the Distinguished Service Cross in 1917? I Have his medal card and service record from the NA...

    IMO SCHLESWIG HOLSTEIN German steam trawler entering the locks of the fishery port of Bremerhaven
  7. MEMEL

    MEMEL An old German coal fired steam trawler. Photo before 1933 Hamburg, Built probably in 1920. What does the marking OR13or DR13 mean?

    N.EBELING 1916 completed by Schiffswerft und Maschinenbau A.G., Hamburg for Nicolaus Ebeling, Geestemünde (later: Bremerhaven) 230GRT, coal fired German steam trawler 1937 sold to German Navy (Kriegsmarine)

    STRALSUND Greman coal fired steam trawler built in 1950 and registered at Hamburg

    WEISSENBURG Coal fired German steam trawler, photo after 1952 river Elbe. In the background there is a Victory type American built standard freighter

    BIRTE LATTMANN A German coal fired steam trawler, photo taken on the Elbe river having left Hamburg 1949/50

    MARTIN MEWES Another coal fired steam trawler from Hamburg. Photo 1949/50.
  13. URSULA

    URSULA A coal fired steam trawler built either 1937/39 or before 1950 in Germany. She is carrying the control number of the Allied forces, so the photo must be taken 1949/50.

    This German steam trawler still bears the control number of the allied forces after world war 2. The brand new vessel is moored at the Landungsbrücken, Hamburg with the dome of the "Elbtunnel" and some war ruins in the background. Date 14.05.1949

    CLAUS MÖLLER This German trawler still displays the control number of the allied forces and was one of the first new built vessels after the war. She is either on a delivery voyage or leaving for sea trials 20th of June 1950. Who knows more details?
  16. Ship Research
    I'm researching the Ross Tiger/ sidewinder trawlers like it in the 1960s-70s and am trying to figure out how many crew it would usually take on a trip and what roles those crew members had. I've found some websites that say 12 and some that say 20 men. Which one is accurate? The positions on...

    USSR trawler M-77. Who knows where the M stands for, may be Murmansk?
  18. Steam Trawler Kingston Peridot, H591, IMO No:5187956; Official No:181356

    Steam Trawler Kingston Peridot, H591, launched, Saturday, 10/07/1948, to yard number 797, by Cook, Welton and Gemmell Limited, Beverley, and completed and delivered, Thursday, 25/11/1948, to Kingston Steam Trawling Company Limited, Hull, registered, Thursday, 25/11/1948, at Hull: Gross...
  19. Lowestoft Trawler-B R Banks - LT257 at Lowestoft Harbour-1963

    One of a collection of assorted ship transparencies from the 1960s to 1980s that I am presently in the process of scanning ad cataloguing. Image is of the Lowestoft Trawler LT257, which I believe to be the B R Banks. Date is recorded, quite indistinctly as 1963 (so this might not be...
1-19 of 121 Results