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  1. Highland Princess

    Gulf Offshore's supply vessel Highland Princess, Tenerife 4th Dec., 2014. Completed Ravenna 2014, Marino Rossetti S.p.A. shipyards.
  2. Euro Solid

    Container ship Euro Solid discharging TEUs at Tenerife, 2nd Jan., 2007. Completed Wewelsfleth 2006, Peters Schiffswerft G.m.b.H. shipyards.
  3. Lord Nelson

    Barque STS Lord Nelson, Tenerife 13th Dec., 2003. Built James W. Cook shipyard, Wivenhoe, completed 1986 Woolston, Vosper Thornycroft Ltd.
  4. Restormel

    British general cargo ship Restormel, Tenerife 19th Jan., 1959. Sunderland built 1944, Wm. Doxford & Sons Ltd. shipyards. Ex Brockleymoor 59.
  5. Tenacious

    JST barque Tenacious, leaving Tenerife, 25th Dec., 2000. Completed 2000 at Southampton, Jubilee Yard, Merlin Quay.
  6. Lady Ghislaine

    British owned motor yacht Lady Ghislaine at Tenerife fishing harbour, 6th Nov., 1991. Built by Amels, Vlissingen (Jon Bannenberg project & design) in 1986.
  7. Edinburgh Castle

    Lowline's cruise ship Edinburgh Castle, moored at Tenerife 4th Oct., 1998. Monfalcone built 1966, Cantieri Riuniti dell'Adriatico shipyards. Ex Eugenio Costa 97, Eugenio C. 86.
  8. City of Amsterdam

    Douglas register ro-ro City of Amsterdam, Tenerife 17th Aug., 1999, built 1999 Shin Kurushima Dock Co., Akitsu shipyards.
  9. Britannia

    Cruise ship Britannia leaving Tenerife, 2nd Aug., 2015. Completed 2015, Fincantieri Monfalcone shipyards.
  10. Arcadia

    Vista class cruise ship Arcadia, Tenerife 13th May, 2005. Completed 2005 at Marghera, Venezia, Fincantieri shipyards. Notice the Cunard style mast.
  11. Oceana

    P&O cruise ship Oceana berthing at Tenerife, 15th July, 2003. Built 2000 Monfalcone by Fincantieri shipyards. Ex Ocean Princess 02.
  12. AIDA cara

    London registered cruise ship AIDAcara, Tenerife 19th Jan., 2003. Completed Turku 1996, Kvaerner Masa Yards. Ex Aida 02.
  13. A'Rosa Blu

    Cruise ships A'Rosa Blu, Costa Europa and Seven Seas Mariner,Tenerife 23rd Nov., 2002. A'Rosa Blu completed Monfalcone 1990, Fincantieri shipyards. Ex Crown Princess 02
  14. Stratheden

    The handsome Stratheden leaving Tenerife on 12th Nov., 1961 during a cruise. Completed 1937 at Barrow-in-Furness, Vickers-Armstrongs shipyards.
  15. Oronsay

    P&O Oronsay berthing at Tenerife, 29th June, 1973. Completed Barrow-in-Furness 1951, Vickers Armstrongs Ltd. shipyards
  16. Canberra

    P&O's magnificent Canberra, seen during her last visit to Tenerife on 5th Sep., 1997. She had been completed at Belfast in 1961 by Harland & Wolff shipyards. Ignominiously scrapped at Gadani beach, Pakistan, in 1997-1998.
  17. Pacific Princess-

    Cruise ship Pacific Princess, Tenerife 10th April, 1997. Emden built 1971, Rheinstahl Nordseewerke shipyards. Ex Sea Venture 75.
  18. Safmarine Cotonou

    Douglas register Safmarine Cotonou berthing Tenerife, 27th July, 2003. Lübeck built 1986, Flender Werft G.m.b.H., shipyards. Ex Maersk Cotonou 00, Nomazi 98, Mediterraneo 98, Zim Australia 96, Nedlloyd van Linchoten 94, Scandutch Edo 89.
  19. Stavros S. Niarchos

    TSYT brig Stavros S. Niarchos, Tenerife 13th Dec., 2003. Incomplete hull built in Germany, completed 2000 at Appledore.
  20. Saga Ruby

    Cruise ship Saga Ruby, Tenerife 12th Nov., 2009. Completed 1973 at Newcastle, Swan Hunter & Wigham Richardson shipyards. Ex Caronia 04, Sagafjord 99.
1-20 of 500 Results