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  1. Trewellard


    Lyttelton, May 1962. Nearest the camera is Cap Domingo with the coasters Kopara and Kuaka opposite. She ship in BI colours is Hain Lines Trewellard with Shaw Savills Corinthic next. Over on Gladstone pier are three different types of dredger, the grab dredge Te Whaka, bucket dredge Mawhera and cu
  2. "Trewellard" at Lyttelton

    "Trewellard" at Lyttelton

    Hain's "Trewellard" at Lyttelton on B.I. charter in 1962. Built as "Harpalyce" in 1942 she was sold by Hain in 1962 and renamed "Artemon". In 1965 suffered engine trouble and a fire in her cargo, broken up at Valencia. Other ships are "Corinthic" at left and