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  1. Lusitania

    Lusitania is seen at the tail of the bank in the firth of Clyde on 27 June, 1907, taking on coal to begin her trial runs for her builders, John Brown and Company. The company didn’t want to leave anything to chance, before she began her official trials for Cunard the following month. Vibration...
  2. Normandie

    Ariel view of the Normandie, taken as the ship conducted her sea trials in May, 1935. The lack of water turbulence around her hull and at her bow, shows just how revolutionary Vladimir Yourkevitch’s hull design truly was.
  3. Olympic

    This is a very rare shot of the Olympic taken as she exits Belfast Lough during her two days of sea trials, which began on 29 May, 1911. The picture appears to have been taken from a passing vessel that just happened to be there at the right time. It’s the only picture of the ship running her...
  4. Olympic

    White Stars new Olympic is being maneuvered in the Victoria Channel at high water, as she begins her departure from Harland and Wolff to start her sea trials in Belfast Lough on 28 May, 1911.
  5. Lusitania

    Today marks the Centennial Anniversary of the tragic sinking of this historic ship, and I thought it fitting to post some pictures that may not have been seen by other members on the site. This picture was taken on June 27, 1907, and it shows the Lusitania when newly completed, and taking on...
  6. Saxonia

    The new Saxonia is seen on her sea trials in August, 1954 in this official Cunard Line photo.
  7. Aquitania

    The boat deck of the Aquitania is seen from the ships' after docking bridge at the Tail of the Bank while the ship was being coaled for her sea trials, 10 May, 1914. One hundred years ago today.
  8. Queen Mary

    The Queen Mary is seen from the air between speed runs on her first day of her sea trials in April, 1936.
  9. Queen Mary

    Another view of the Queen Mary underway during her sea trials off Arran in April, 1936.
  10. Queen Mary

    The Queen Mary runs the Arran Mile during her sea trials in April, 1936.
  11. Aquitania

    The Aquitania is seen anchored near the Tail of the Bank on the Clyde, as puffers move in the begin coaling the ship for her sea trials, in May, 1914.
  12. Aquitania on Trials

    One of the best photographs of Aquitania to be taken during her trials is this ¾ bow view from the John Brown collection. It was taken on May 10th, 1914.
  13. Queen Mary

    The Queen Mary departs the fitting out basin at John Browns Shipyard in March, 1936.
  14. Queen Mary

    The Queen Mary is seen as she nears the end of her trip down the River Clyde following her completion at the John Brown Shipyard. The liner will run some preliminary trials and then proceed to Southampton for dry docking. She will then return to the Clyde for her full speed trials.
  15. Lusitania

    The newly completed Lusitania steams cautiously down the river Clyde to begin her sea trials, in June, 1907.
  16. Lusitania

    Having just departed John Brown’s shipyard, the Lusitania is seen steaming down the river Clyde to begin her sea trials. This beautiful, though damaged image comes from a postcard I was bidding for on Ebay, I stepped away from the auction just before the image cleared the $100.00 mark. I don’t...
  17. Lusitania

    Lusitania is seen anchored in the Clyde Estuary near Greenock on August 23rd, 1907. Photograph taken by, Ivor N. Austin, of Victoria, British Columbia.
  18. Aquitania

    A view looking down on the forecastle of the Aquitania as the ship takes on coal for her sea trials. Those with a better knowledge of this stunningly beautiful area can identify the range of hills seen in the distance.
  19. Aquitania Funnels

    This photograph shows all four of Aquitania funnels; the picture was taken by Bedford Lemer, while the ship was anchored at the tail of the bank on the Clyde, taking on coal for the start of her sea trials. Captain William Turner is seen standing near the base of the first funnel.
  20. Lusitania

    Another stern view of the Cunarder during her sea trials. I don’t know when this picture was taken, but again the screws are clearly turning, and she has a line cast off from the stern. Notice too that there’s an awning spar frame set up on the ships’ fantail. I’ve not read much about her...
1-20 of 31 Results