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  1. Ship Research
    Good evening all, Is anyone familiar with the Larch AN-21 / YN-16 or her commander, Lt. Gene Kitchell? She was stationed at Trinidad BWI, and from January 8 to 10th, 1945, she was mine sweeping with nets, when she was called to salvage the wreckage of a nearby downed naval transport plane, a...
  2. Trinidad II

    under way
  3. Drill Ship Discoverer Clear Leader

    Not yet complete, still awaiting her drill tower.At DSME South Korea Taken by me.
  4. Point Fortin, Trinidad

    Loading drums of bitumen from Lake Asphalt, Point Fortin, Trinidad on to the Eastbank in August 1952
  5. Eastbank, Pt Fortin, Trinidad

    Loading bitumen from barges at Pt. Fortin, 1952, on the Eastbank
  6. Trinidad

    Wm Wilhelmsen's Trinidad launched as Cape Meredith 1943 6711t builder Consolidated Steel/Long Beach 1948 Trinidad 1966 Frossini broken up Kaohsiung 1969
  7. Trinidad

  8. Trinidad

  9. Unknown

    Spotted at Trinidad W.I. May 14th '99
1-9 of 9 Results