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  2. Imperator


    Imperator, Trondheim harbor. Slide taken September 14, 1968.
  3. Trondheim


    With the Vermland arriving and Gry Maritha already alongside on 19th August 1987
  4. Enrico Costa

    Enrico Costa

    Enrico Costa getting a light makeover at Trondheim in the summer of 1993
  5. DS Hansteen of 1866

    DS Hansteen of 1866

    The lovely little steamer Hansteen departing Trondheim harbour. She's been involved in a lot of duties through her long life but has now been restored to her original look.
  6. Kysten


    The little coaster Kysten was serving the Trondheimsfjord area and the coast of Trøndelag, Norway for ages. She is seen here at Trondheim in 1988. Cruiseship Pacific Princess is berthed behind her.
  7. Pacific Princess

    Pacific Princess

    'The love boat' dating from 1971. She has probably been scrapped by now.
  8. Minelayer Kaiser

    Minelayer Kaiser

    The German minelayer Kaiser seen here entering the outer Trondheim fjord, central Norway, after completing a defensive minelaying operation off that fjord in 1942. For a full account on the Kaiser's long lasting history - she was nearly 50 years old when scrapped in 1954 - please see here: http://w
  9. Trondheim


    The port of Trondheim. In the foreground an ancient schooner.
  10. HNoMS Trondheim

    HNoMS Trondheim

    From RFA Appleleaf. June 1989
  11. HNoMS Trondheim

    HNoMS Trondheim

    Closing to fuel from RFA Appleleaf. June 1989