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  1. mv Tudor Prince

    Danish flag cargo ship Tudor Prince on charter to Prince Line, capsized in Valletta Harbour in 1974, after hitting rocks on entering the port,
  2. Ro****en (SWE), Ex: Tudor Prince-09 ????

    An old photo of Swedish RO****EN, Is this the old TUDOR PRINCE (Prince Line)?
  3. Tudor Prince

    Tudor Prince berthing at Lyttelton assisted by the 1907 built tug Lyttelton, which now runs excursions at Lyttelton, with the pilot vessel Wairangi at right.
  4. Tudor Prince

    Furness Withy 1961 12958 grt 559 ft 72 ft 14-1/2 kts
  5. Tudor Prince

    The Prince Line tanker "Tudor Prince" at Lyttelton. Completed by Doxford in 1961 she was 12,958 grt, 18,685 dwt and a 6 cylinder Doxford developed 8,000 bhp to give a speed of 14.5 knots. Although built for Prince Line she didn't have the 'feathers'on her funnel, although her sister, "Stuart...
  6. Tudor Prince

    One of Prince Line's two tankers, the "Tudor Prince", berthing at Lyttelton.
1-6 of 6 Results