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  1. Tuhoe

    Now preserved at Kaiapoi the wooden Tuhoe was built by G. T. Niccol at Auckland in 1919 as an auxiliary schooner for the Northern Steam Ship Company.
  2. Scow "Tuhoe"

    1919 Built by G.T. Niccol at Auckland for Northern Steam Ship Co. Ltd., Auckland. 186.47 grt 97.95 net 97.8' x 24.7' x 6.5' 1942-45 Taken over by the NZ Government and used in the south west pacific. 1961 After being laid up at Auckland for some time "Tuhoe" was sold to Eckford's of Blenhe
  3. Flyer682 and Jan Hendrik

    Flyer682 and Jan Hendrik On board the "Tuhoe" April 2006
  4. Flyer682 and Jan Hendrik

    Meeting in Kaiapoi (20 km north of Christchurch) on board the vessel Tuhoe. April 2006
1-4 of 4 Results