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  1. Turbinia

    Charles Parsons launched his revolutionary vessel, powered by his new steam turbines, in 1894. In 1897 he embarrassed Queen Victoria’s Royal Navy when he intruded upon the Spithead Fleet Review and demonstrated that none of Her Majesty’s vessels could intercept him. This paved the way for the...
  2. Turbinia

    Owners the Turbine Steamship Co. Built 1904 by Hawthorn Leslie & Co, Hebburn on Tyne 261 foot x 33 foot, depth 13 foot Accommodation for 1500 passengers She undertook her maiden voyage from Toronto to Hamilton on 19th June 1904. Later in her life she was owned by Canada Steamship...
  3. TURBINIA- Canada's first turbine?

    From the Clyde Shiplovers' Society in Glasgow's recently acquired collection comes this interesting shot dated 23 September 1923. A close look shows that the ship is TURBINIA registered in Hamilton and I think this is the Hawthorn Leslie 1904 built vessel for service in Canada. I would think...
  4. Turbinia

    The small boat that changed the world of shipping - The "Turbinia" doing 34 Knots , an unheard of speed in 1897 , and powered by the first of Charles Parsons Steam Turbines . This picture was taken in 1897 by Alfred John West and it was considered impossible to capture on film ,such a fast...
  5. Turbinia

    Turbinia on sea trials. Please see Turbinia thread in Special Purpose Vessels for details
1-5 of 5 Results