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  1. Izmir

    Sailing cargo boats, Izmir, Turkey.
  2. Kusadasi Pilot

    The pilot for Kusadasi, Turkey comes aboard the Carnival cruise ship Ocean Village (now Pacific Pearl of P&O Cruises Australia) via a pilot ladder.
  3. Kaptan Burhanettim Isim

    Completed at Fosen Yard, the brand new Kaptan Burhanettim Isim is lying in Nyhavna in Trondheim awaiting delivery in 1990.
  4. Kuzguncuk, Istanbul

    A ferry operating from the Golden Horn in Istanbul in 1969
  5. Kusadasi, Turkey

    The port of Kusadasi, Turkey, with Turkish flags flying on shore and a Greek flag visible on the cruise ship The Calypso, which was in port on 3 July 2010.
  6. Amalthea

    Amalthea off the Turkish coast on 8 October 2009.
  7. Old tramper= YELKENCI

    Took this b/w picture august 1967 of a Turkish vessel.She was inbound for Archangelsk.Looks ex liner something steam.
1-7 of 7 Results