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  1. ROTTERDAM-102

    TWEEDBANK in Waalhaven,Rotterdam, october,1964.Discharging grain from Argentina. Regards,Frits Hoogstrate
  2. Tweedbank

    Bank Line's Tweedbank is at Mercantile Dry Dock Jarrow on a bitterly cold 10 January 1971. Built by Doxfords at Sunderland in 1964 she was a beautiful vessel with modern lines at 10,141 gr tons.

    Pictured at Fischerhütte on the Kiel Canal, on 29/08/2009, passing Southbound. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Built in 1999 by Peterswerft, Wewelsfleth, Germany (656), 4,230 g.t. and 6,389 dwt., as:- “Brar Braren” to 1999 and “Timbus” since. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Regards, Rick

    30/1/1954 Hundred's of people are onboard to see the Queen off on the Gothic, see Q.V. What would our security conscious Americans make of this make of this, or for that matter Maritime Safety ? No doubt everyone went home without a drama and a lucky few spent time in the ships bar...

    MV Good Lion at Singapore. Built 1964 by Doxford Shipbuilders as Tweedbank for Bank Line. 7359 GRT 1979 sold and renamed Good Lion. 1983 wrecked near Corcubion.
  6. Tweedbank

    Smoko on deck at anchor in the gulf . . the bliss of 3 months an at anchor loads of fresh air. from left to right The mate,the 2nd Eng . .3rd eng (me) an the 4th eng . ..what fun!
  7. Tweedbank

    Another of the classic 60's replacements
  8. Tweedbank

    Tweedbank at Lascelles Wharf, Geelong in the early 1950s. She was probably discharging phosphatic rock from Nauru and Ocean Island, or possibly sulphur from Galveston. These materials were used to manufacture superphosphate fertilizer in the nearby plant. Bank Line ships were frequent visitors...
1-8 of 9 Results