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  1. Berth over there!

    Leaving the Tyne on DFDS Seaways 'Newcastle-Amsterdam' ferry King Seaways.
  2. Mersey on Tyne 02

    HMS Mersey open to the public, Port of Tyne.
  3. Mersey on Tyne

    HMS Mersey alongside, Port of Tyne. Open to the public as my next pic shows.
  4. River Tyne - Brigham & Cowan Dry Dock

    Two vessels in this photograph are unidentified, other than one is a Texaco ship. Taken in the 60's but not sure when. If anyone can identify these ships please let me know and I'll update the posting.
  5. Aquarius Ace with Tugs and Groyne

    Another one of Aquarius Ace showing the Tyne entrance, escorting tugs and the Groyne on the South side of the entrance of the river Tyne.
  6. Aquarius Ace entering the Tyne

    Taken from the 'Little Haven' hotel where I was staying for a couple of days during a family wedding visit to S.Shields in May 2015
  7. Tyne at Shields

    A view looking downriver in September 1973 reveals a reasonable volume of activity at a fairly late date.
  8. HMS Tyne

    HMS Tyne, inbound on the Tyne
  9. HMS Tyne

    HMS Tyne approaching mouth of Tyne
  10. Svitzer Tyne

    Svitzer Tyne, on the Tyne.
  11. Interlink Levity

    Lying on the Tyne at Northumbria Quay, North Shields
  12. ex Tyne Class Lifeboats

    On1154 47-036 (inner) & On1155 (outer) 47-037 Lying in the port at Bere Island, Castletownbere. Both these vessels and ex On1031 are operated by Bere Island ferries.
  13. HMS Dauntless

    HMS Dauntless at Northumbria Quay on the Tyne.
  14. QE2 entering river tyne

    Watercolour of the Queen Elizabeth 2 entering the river Tyne
  15. Aquitania

    The picture was taken on the Pelaw Main side of the Tyne, looking down river in April, 1920. Looking across the Tyne, the Aquitania can be seen tied up at the Armstrong – Whitworth Yard in Walker. An enlarged version of the picture shows that the windows of the lower bridge were actually...
  16. HMS Northumberland

    HMS Northumberland alongside at Whitehills Point on the Tyne, taken from Readheads Landing
  17. Sandpiper Bulker

    Sandpiper Bulker alongside on Tyne.
  18. HMS Newcastle

    HMS Newcastle proceeding stern first down Tyne at end of her visit to Newcastle. Here seen passing what was Walker Naval Yard and the hammerhead crane. This was her last visit to the Tyne as she was decommissioned soon after.
  19. HMS Newcastle

    HMS Newcastle departing Spillers Quay on the Tyne stern first with tugs. She travelled downstream like this as far as Wallsend where she swung and continued to sea under her own power. This was her last visit to the Tyne as she was decommissioned soon after.
1-20 of 85 Results