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  1. HMS Illustrious

    HMS Illustrious

    HMS Illustrious arriving on the Tyne, 29th February 2012
  2. HMS Guernsey 1989

    HMS Guernsey 1989

    HMS Guernsey, 1977 to 2004 BNS Sangu , Bangladesh
  3. HMCS Annapolis & HNoMS Stavanger

    HMCS Annapolis & HNoMS Stavanger

    Canadian Destroyer HMCS Annapolis, (DDH 265) and Norwegian Frigate HNoMS Stavanger, F303 Annapolis was sunk as an artificial reef for diving, 2010/11. At the same time I photographed HMCS Huron, and HNLMS Tjerk Hiddes, F804. I presume they were on the same exercise. They have been posted to SN t
  4. HMS Kellington

    HMS Kellington

    HMS Kellington, M1154, Minesweeper on River Tyne For more info.
  5. Lutetian in Dry Dock

    Lutetian in Dry Dock

  6. HMS Mersey

    HMS Mersey

    HMS Mersey arriving on the Tyne, 5th May 2011
  7. Osprey Fighter

    Osprey Fighter

    Osprey Fighter on the Tyne 10th March 2011


    Photograph of HMS/m Artful berthed at Newcastle upon Tyne. Photo taken from the Gateshead side of the Tyne in a location which is now HMS Calliope, the Tyne Division RNR training base
  9. Tyne


    The Panamanian owned Tyne 1168 grt. Seen at Bristol 13 August 1961 with Timber from Pateniemi.
  10. Collingwood


    Tyne pilot boat Collingwood
  11. Appledore's Tyne

    Appledore's Tyne

    Tyne Class 'George Gibson' with Helo from Chivenor escorting new Tamar home.
  12. TYNE


    HMS TYNE (A194) , launched 28 Feb1940 at Scotts Shipbuilding and Engineering at Greenock. Built as Destroyer Depot Ship. Displacement : 11000 tons Dimensions : 621 ft long x 66 ft beam x 20 ft draught. 1972: Sold for scrap and broken up at Barrow. Alongside Tyne are the ‘T’ class submarines (S37)
  13. Tyne Lifeboat

    Tyne Lifeboat

    Tyne Lifeboat on 11-01-2009 under way from Blyth to Tyne
  14. Tyne Lifeboat

    Tyne Lifeboat

    Tyne Lifeboat in action, towing fishermans to the safe Blyth Harbour.
  15. River Tyne- based on TYNE

    River Tyne- based on TYNE

    One of my original paintings based upon my original photo which I have entitled;Timber Dance. link to photo:
  16. Tyne


    TYNE 1920 1164 tgr A.Jurgenthal-Pan B/as GRETE-Nor 21-DALHEM 30-LIGUR 58-TYNE B/up Lubeck 17-9-63 I took this in the Canada Dock,Surrey Com 1960. We had some ancient visitors on the timber run from Scandinavia and they always intrigued me with such a long history.
  17. The Mellenium Bridge

    The Mellenium Bridge

    The Tynes 'Mellenium bridge 'open at it's maximum to allow tugs to passed under it to collect the 'Tuxedo Princess' seen moored upriver. The ex ferry Tuxedo Princess departs after more than 20 years as part of the Newcastle Disco night life.
  18. Tyne


    It had to happen eventually - a sunny day on the Tyne. The inbound ship is the Cymric.
  19. Tyne Bridges

    Tyne Bridges

    Big River-----------Hmmmm
  20. HMS Tyne

    HMS Tyne

    Portsmouth Dec 12th 07