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  1. Tyne Ferries Northumbrian and tynemouth

    Watercolour 30inx22in showing the old Tyne steam ferries Northumbrian and tynemouth
  2. Tynemouth

    View across the River Tyne toward Tynemouth from South Shields
  3. Tynemouth

    Lighthouse on the north breakwater seen from MV King Seaways
  4. Northsider, Tynemouth, 1974

    Behind Northsider, also on the rocks, is Oregis, Houlder Line.
  5. Oregis, Tynemouth

    Houlder Lines, Oregis, on The Black Middens, Tynemouth, 1974
  6. a real hero

    talk about a chest full of gongs , and every one means lives saved , so next time you see rnli flag day buy one
1-6 of 6 Results