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  1. Silvertown, North Woolwich Road

    A 1950's view of a trolley bus outside KGV Dock with BI's Uganda in the dry dock.

  3. s.s. Uganda wheelhouse

    The wheelhouse of the s.s. Uganda looking to port, October 1975
  4. Uganda

    British India Promenade Deck
  5. Uganda

    British India Service being held on board in July 1969
  6. Uganda

    British India Line Cruise Brochure & Baggage Label
  7. Uganda

    The impressive British India liner's funnel - photographed at Tripoli, Libya in 1969
  8. Uganda

    British India Line At Naples during a cruise in 1969
  9. uganda

    Bistol helo landing on uganda.
  10. Uganda

    The last Voyage of Uganda from the Falklands.
  11. Uganda

    model on display at HQS Wellington during exhibition called , they could not have done it without us, about Falklands War
  12. Uganda3Jul85Fal

    Uganda at Falmouth
  13. Uganda1Jul85Fal

    Uganda at Falmouth
  14. Uganda

    The 1st Class Dining Saloon From a company colour slide acquired on board
  15. Uganda

    Re pixeled to enlarge
  16. Uganda

    re pixeled to enlarge
  17. Uganda

    The lovely smoking room on board her - just like a Gentlemen's Club!
  18. HMHS Uganda

    The British-India Steam Navigation Company’s Uganda heads for the Falklands in this view taken in 1982. She is well remembered for operating under the call sign “Mother Hen” during the conflict.
  19. BI's Uganda

    Ship on its side off Kaohsiung in 1988.
1-20 of 52 Results