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  1. Ulidia

    British Railways Built 1970 as Stena Carrier At Newhaven for maintenance on 20th July 1980
  2. Fjordveien crossing the Boknafjord

    Former Stena Carrier, at the time of this photo employed by Askoy - Bergen on the crossing from Mekjarvik to Skudeneshavn. This ferry had numerous names until sailing for a Turkish breakyard in 2011
  3. Ulidia

    I've titled this as Ulidia, but I've no notes and she may be the Dalriada, they looked similar and were on the Larne - Stranraer freight service in the 70's. Ulidia, built 1970 ex Stena Carrier. Dalriada 1971, ex Stena Trailer. Taken off Larne Harbour late 70's.
  4. Ulidia

    Sealink's Ulidia looking very smart after a paint job at Newhaven.
1-4 of 4 Results