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    In the KGV dock, London IMO 5372599
  2. Ulster Star

    Basking in bright sunshine at Newhaven on 12th October 1977
  3. Ulster Star

    The Ulster Star at Lyttelton early in her career when she had the purple hull that was inflicted on some of the Blue Star ships between the original black and later grey. Completed by Harland and Wolff in 1959 she spent all her life with the same name, although owned by Lamport + Holt for a...

    Wellington,NZ Own collection negative - photo Keith Wood
  5. Ulster Star, Beira

    Late 1965
  6. Ulster Star @ Bluff

    Gangway hooked on awaiting to sail back to UK via East Africa-April 1967 Sorry about the state of the photo.
  7. Ulster Star

    Blue Star Line 1959 9695 grt 519 ft 70 ft 17 kts
  8. Ulster Star

    The Blue Star vessel "Ulster Star", built H&W, Belfast, 1959, 9695 grt, 519ft x 70ft beam, scrapped 1979. There are some interesting comments and other photos of her, just do a search for Ulster Star.
1-8 of 8 Results