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  1. Amonea

    Driven aground at Hongkong in Typhoon Ruby, September 1964. Refloated 11 October. Broken up at Hongkong in December. I sailed on her as third mate in 1960 when she was the Umaria of BISN Co. Built 1946 but seemed much older. Triple expansion steam and on a good day could make 9 knots.
  2. Mate and cadet.

    The mate giving a few jobs to a cadet. To the best of my memory this was the BI ship Umaria.
  3. BISN Co. Umaria

    Deck cadet on the old steam ship Umaria.
  4. Ship Lovers

    Some Japanese visitors who asked to look around the ship. Umaria - 1960
  5. Steam winches

    A lovely position for an open steam winch - right next to our accomodation on Umaria.
1-5 of 5 Results