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  1. Umbria

    Cunard Line Built 1884 by John Elder 7,718 gross tons, 501 foot x 57 foot beam Artist: C.E. Dixon

    Name S.S. Umbria Type Steamship Built Govan, Scotland Builder John Elder and Company Launched June 26, 1884 Scrapped May 9, 1910 Place Bo'ness, Scotland Length 501'7" (152.9m) Beam 57'2" (17.4m) Registered Tonnage 7,718 tons / 4,522 tons Engines 6 three-crank compound engines Service...
  3. Umbria

    UMBRIA 1884 8128 tgr Cunard Line
  4. Umbria

    Cunard's Umbria. Perhaps nearing her launch in 1884; I can't explain those heavy lines coming this way from her stern, what are they for now, with much scaffolding still in place? If they didn't build ships of wood in Glasgow any longer, they still used a lot of wood. Umbria was scrapped in...
  5. Umbria

    Here is the Umbria, I presume that she is a Cunard/White Star ship. Looking at her foremast would she have carried sails? Any information is welcome. Cheers Frank
1-5 of 5 Results