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  1. Passenger Liners
    Dear All, The ship in this little (8" x 6") oil painting is a passenger liner of the early years of the twentieth century. She has a dark navy hull with red boot-topping and a white superstructure, with a vertical prow and counter stern; her bridge is forward (with prominent bridge wings) and...
  2. A P and O ship perhaps = ORIENTAL

    A P and O ship perhaps = ORIENTAL

    I was wondering if anyone could identify this vessel from an old card. Looking at the dhows in the background and her colours thought she might be an early P and O ship.
  3. Unidentified vessel= ERIN

    Unidentified vessel= ERIN

    Would anyone have any idea as to what this vessel could be. No details at all on the photo.
  4. Marpessa (was : Unidentified)

    Marpessa (was : Unidentified)

    Unidentified cargo ship, possibly either Greek or Cypriot, discharging cargo into a barge while at anchor at Aqaba, Jordan during 1977.


    An unidentified vessel seen at Venice in September.