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  1. Unidentified Turkish Liner

    Unfortunately, the paper texture drowns out the detail, but this vintage postcard shows a twin-stack, four-mast liner with what appear to be Ottoman/Turkish Government funnel markings. Any ideas as to her identity? I cannot place the location, but there is a large, unique building on the shore.
  2. Assimina at Genoa, Italy

    Does anyone recognize this cargo-passenger liner seen moored at Genoa on a vintage postcard mailed in 1951? Presence of Costa's ANNA C narrows the timeframe to no earlier than 1947. Thanks to the help of many, ID'd as the immune grant ship Assimina at Genoa, spring of 1951.
  3. Passenger Liners
    Dear All, The ship in this little (8" x 6") oil painting is a passenger liner of the early years of the twentieth century. She has a dark navy hull with red boot-topping and a white superstructure, with a vertical prow and counter stern; her bridge is forward (with prominent bridge wings) and...
  4. A P and O ship perhaps = ORIENTAL

    I was wondering if anyone could identify this vessel from an old card. Looking at the dhows in the background and her colours thought she might be an early P and O ship.
  5. Unidentified vessel= ERIN

    Would anyone have any idea as to what this vessel could be. No details at all on the photo.
  6. Marpessa (was : Unidentified)

    Unidentified cargo ship, possibly either Greek or Cypriot, discharging cargo into a barge while at anchor at Aqaba, Jordan during 1977.
  7. Queen Mary 2 departing Sydney 3

    Apologies for the quality but I hope this photo conveys the sight of the QM2 lit up and sailing on moonlit waters.

    An unidentified vessel seen at Venice in September.
1-8 of 8 Results