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  1. Spot the ship, Auckland

    'Union Auckland' lurking behind a gaggle of yachts, Auckland.
  2. Union Auckland at Auckland

    Photo taken 1998 just prior to scrapping. Union Auckland Built: 1969 A/S Frederiksstad M/V; Frederiksstad Tonnage: 12,782grt Owners: Union SSCo of NZ 1969: Launched as Columbia for Reidar Rod Rederi A/S; Tonsberg 1975: Sold to Wigmore Ltd; Bermuda 1976: Chartered to USSCo, r/n 'Union...
  3. Union Auckland @ Wellington

    Alongside Aotea Quay in the early 1980s with NZ PACIFIC ahead.
  4. Union Auckland

    Union Auckland at Hobart's Macquarie 1 wharf in late 70's.
1-5 of 5 Results