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  1. JUNIOR-1945

    TS JUNIOR-1945 Gulf Shipbuilding Co., Chickasaw, Alabama United Fruit Company of Boston, Massachusetts One of a Class of eight “Type R2-ST-AV1” twin-screw turbine reefers Sister Ships: Comayagua, Esparta, Fra Berlanga, San Jose, Heredia, Metapan, Parismina and Limon 455’5”(oa), 431’2”(bp)...

    ss VERAGUA-1932 Fore River S.B. Yard# 1446 [Bethlehem Steel] Quincy, Massachusetts For United Mail Steamship Co. [United Fruit Co.] One of the six “Mail Boats” built for UFCo. Two similar delivered to “Columbia Line” as near I can tell. 3/1942 - 6/1946 U.S.S. MERAK AF-21 1946 VERAGUA...
1-2 of 2 Results