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  1. Unknown Ship

    Unknown ship, possibly German, photographed in New York Harbor during the 1930s.
  2. unknown

    unknown ship from "3.maj" Rijeka, Croatia, then Yugoslavia
  3. Unknown ship

    Unknown ship
  4. Twin funnelled bulker/ general cargo ship=MUSCAT CEMENT ex-FERNSTAR

    An interesting ship used for action on one of these old 1970s American tv detective series'. Don't know if anyone might recognise her. Her name never came into shot unfortunately.

    marmara sea
  6. off Portishead

    a battered slide
  7. Unknown ship

    Welcome to inform. Everybody all the best.

    Hello Gentlemen. I'm sure some of you can identify this ship. Cheers.
  9. Sea Profiler

    Greetings Friends Recently I purchased this postcard portraying this New Zealand flag - research/ligthouse/support/cable ship ??? no idea about the type - , but I am unable to trace any information about it's name or history. Gratefyul if somebody could help me on this! Cheers & thank...
  10. Unknown ship

    Snapshot of unknown ship at Lyttelton, c. late 1940's? Looks like a Canadian 'Park', possibly Union SSCo 'Waikawa'-type? None of the USSCo photos I've got have 2 heavy-lift derricks, nor the funnel cap. Funnel looks to be in the process of repainting, and name on stern might end in a 'c'...
  11. MSC Giorgia

    Unknown container ship departure from Bar,Montenegro. Have you any ideas about her?
  12. Furioso

    Can you identify this ship?
  13. Unknown

    At Bar, Montenegro.Have you any ideas?
  14. Trave

    Bought recently on TradeMe. Name on back says 'Triaur', of A. Kirst & Co. The previous owner of this pic & others was a notoriously bad speller. I've tried many variant spellings on Miramar with no luck. Looks German or Scandinavian. Smoke at stern would appear to be from a shore-based...
  15. Unknown ship

    Taken in Barcelona 1979.
  16. Maribor

    unknown ship entering Hong Kong
  17. unknown vessel

    This photo was in a collection of which my daughter had taken on her hols
  18. Falstria

    Unknown ship, possibly East Asiatic Co, with that profile, but I have no similar photo to identify.
  19. Unknown ship

    Got this picture from Belgium, but don't know anything about it. Maybe someone els? Greetings to all.
  20. Unknown ship

    Unknown ship at Port Antonio, W. Indies. Stamped and dated March 15, 1909, Kingston Jamaica. Could be an early United Fruit Co ship? Was that company in existence in 1909?
1-20 of 34 Results