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unknown ship

  1. Unknown ship

    Unknown ship

    Snapshot bought recently on Trademe. Looks like a General Steam Navigation Co ship by profile and deck cranes, but there's no houseflag on the funnel, so I wonder if she's Australian?
  2. Unknown ship

    Unknown ship

    The name could be something like 'Cadmus'. Judging by the attire of the people watching, could be early 1900's. There is a 'Cadmus' of 1911/1,879grt, owners J.Gaff and Co, which was sunk by UC47 on 18.10.1917, but I'm just guessing on the name.
  3. unknown Greek sam boat

    unknown Greek sam boat

    another one for Klaus and Stein
  4. united fruit boat??

    united fruit boat??

    United Fruit boat??
  5. Unknown tanker

    Unknown tanker

    Port of Gdynia ~1960
  6. Unknown ship

    Unknown ship

  7. Narwik


    Empire Built Type Built 1942 Loa 136,0 Dwt 10400 Polish flag Ex: Empire Roamer + 1972 Bilbao
  8. Unknown = Kennermerland

    Unknown = Kennermerland

  9. Unknown ship

    Unknown ship

  10. Unknown ship

    Unknown ship

  11. Unknown ship = SISTIANA

    Unknown ship = SISTIANA

    Got this old picture years ago but know nothing about it. Maybe someone else ? Looks like the funnel has a star on it.
  12. Unknown


    Fishing among the ice east of Greenland for Black Halibut
  13. Unknown = CATALINA

    Unknown = CATALINA

    I have put this picture in the ferries category, but frankly I have no idea what type of vessel she is. She is at San Pedro having passed us aboard Canberra around 1972. She could be a pleasure ship, so perhaps members can throw some light on her. The bridge is the backround for Rockford Files st
  14. Celje


    Ships info unknown