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  1. unknown tanker

    unknown tanker, Shell ? German port early 60's? Suggestions welcomed.
  2. unknown tanker

    unknown tanker
  3. Unknown

    Unknown tanker anchored in the Little Downs off Walmer
  4. Unknown tanker in English Channel

    Unidentified tanker in the English Channel, between Calais and Dover, on Saturday, 17 July 2010.

    unknown tanker at Genoa in 60's From an original with full copyright. dated 8-69. Suggestions welcome as always.
  6. Moray Firth tanker

    Unknown tanker laying off the "Black Isle" a couple of days ago. Photo taken from the mouth of the river Spey on the other side of the Firth.
  7. Unknown tanker (Eagle?)

    One of a number of snapshots bought at collectables fair, mostly dated 1927-28. Sorry it's not a clear shot. The photographer was probably more interested in the tugboat in the foreground. This one says on the back: 'Coronado, San Diego, June 26, 1927.'
  8. Unknown = Nucula

    Photo taken c.1930, somewhere in NZ? That woodbine funnel may help identify. Scanned from a very small sepia photo.
  9. Unknown tanker

    Uknown tanker in USA port From a neg with full copyright Suggestions welcome.
  10. Unknown tanker

    Among a number of old snapshots bought at collectables fair.On the back of this snapshot reads: 'Panama Canal,July 29th, 1927. Any ideas?
  11. Unknown Tanker

    Tanker leaving Davao.
  12. Unknown tanker

    At Pendik shipyard. I don't know name of her. Have you any ideas?
  13. Unknown = Nomad

    Have you any ideas?
  14. unknown tanker

    deck of unknown tanker
  15. unknown tanker near Hartlepool July 2005

    couldn't make out her name
  16. Unknown = Prometheus

    Can anyone identify this tanker photographed in the Mississippi in 1966? The funnel appears to be black with a panel, presumably the house flag, which is diagonally divided with a letter, probably an S, superimposed.
1-18 of 18 Results