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  1. Maritime Family History Research
    Please see
  2. Uruguay

  3. Uruguay

    Elma Line Argentinian liner built 1950 by Vickers Armstrong 12,627 gross tons, 530 foot x 71 foot, speed @ 18 knots ex Eva Peron
  4. Uruguay

    The passenger steamer Uruguay (1883, Hamburg-Süd, HSDG) departing for Magadascar. The vessel stranded due to dense fog near Cape Frio on Sept. 20th, 1895 while en route from Montevideo to Hamburg with general cargo. It became a total wreck.
  5. Uruguay

  6. Unknown Uraguayn naval ship = Uruguay

    Postcard mailed from Stettin to Sweden 14/7 1910. Postcard manufacturer: Max Dreblow, Stettin. Flag Uruguay. Anyone known the ships name? Greatfull for any help.
  7. Unknown = Argentina (Uruguay?)

    She's withdrawn from service, and the tug is from Moran
  8. Mooremac-liner

    From a 1948 Moore-McCormack advertisement. Said to represent the Brazil, the Uruguay and the Argentina, all 33,000 tons, all completely rebuilt, modernized and restyled and ready to bring back to South American travel all the comforts and pleasures that caracterized the company's prewar service...
1-8 of 8 Results