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uss yorktown

  1. USS Yorktown

    USS Yorktown

    The Yorktown at Patriots Point in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina in front of the amazing bridge linking Charleston and Mount Pleasant.
  2. Yorktown AA Gunners

    Yorktown AA Gunners

    AA gunners on board USS Yorktown (CV-10), Spring, 1944.
  3. USS Yorktown AA Drill

    USS Yorktown AA Drill

    AA gun drill on board USS Yorktown (CV-10), about April, 1944. Those Airdeales wouldn't be standing around the flight deck watching if this were the real thing! The carrier astern is unidentified.
  4. USS Yorktown

    USS Yorktown

    A Japanese Jill Torpedo bomber crashes close alongside USS Yorktown after being shot down by the carrier's AA gunners. 19 April 1944.
  5. USS Sabine and USS Yorktown

    USS Sabine and USS Yorktown

    The fleet oiler USS Sabine (AO-25) refuels an unidentified heavy cruiser at sea in the Pacific during 1944. The carrier in the background is the USS Yorktown (CV-10), the same ship now preserved as a museum at Charleston, South Carolina.
  6. CG-48 Yorktown

    CG-48 Yorktown

    Taken in 1993 - Norfolk Virginia
  7. USS Yorktown (CV10)

    USS Yorktown (CV10)

    USS Yorktown Photo taken in late 70's at Charleston, SC
  8. USS Yorktown (CV10)

    USS Yorktown (CV10)

    USS Yorktown laid up at Charleston, SC photo taken in late 70's