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  1. Union Steam ship Co Of New Zealand LTD
    Does anyone remember Lionel Joyce or Ian MacDonald? They were on the Waimate in 1956.
  2. WHICH USSCo of NZ? = Hauraki

    USSCo freighter outbound Sydney 1930s
  3. Union Steamship Company Bedspread

    A friend gave me this some years back. I don't know how old it is Anyone who does know could let me know I would be happy to incorporate that in the info.
  4. Arahura

    Muir and Moodie Postcard, stamped and dated Oct 3rd,1906. Arahura Built: 1905 Wm Denny and Bros, Dumbarton Tonnage: 1,596grt Owners: USSCo of NZ--built as 'West Coast Steamer'--one of six on Wellington-South Island Cook Strait Services 1925: Sold to Anchor Shipping and Foundry Co of Nelson...
1-4 of 5 Results