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  1. UTC Serviceman 1st Mate

    Kenny Pick 1st Mate on Serviceman off the Azores. On our way to New Orleans to collect the loaded barges for Port Harcourt via Trinidad...happy daze
  2. UTC Merch and Tradesman

    Merchantman and Tradesman at anchor. I think Merch is already rigged for snatching
  3. UTC Irishman and Yorkshireman

    Not too many photographs of them together
  4. UTC Workman and J V Alario

    J V and Workman towing up the Humber
  5. UTC Brian Jordan

    1st Mate Brian Jordan & 2nd Mate John (Grim) Brown ready to connect up to a crane barge.
  6. UTC Serviceman

    Bill Newberry & Keith Tasker dayworking off Miami on Serviceman. Every finger a marlin spike, Bill used to say.
  7. UTC Pete Jordan

    Just about to connect with the Hercules crane barge and Pete is wearing the latest PPE but they could've been his slippers
1-7 of 7 Results