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  1. Vadhorn, FD 581

    Built in Szczezin/Stettin in Poland in 1976 as the first of a series of 9 longliners to the Faeroes, loa 97 ft. Named after a mountain near the homeport Eidi, later r/n Sigmund
  2. Vadhorn, FD 581

    Vadhorn was one of six vessels built in Stettin Poland in 1976, loa 1976, for Faeroese owners. Later renamed Sigmund, same portnumber.
  3. Vadhorn, Heimland

    In the small harbour og Eidi, Faeroes. FD 50 Heimland, Runavík, built 1967 in Bogense, DK FD 581 Vadhorn, Eidi, built 1976 in Stettin, PL Picture older than 1995
1-3 of 3 Results