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  1. Valencay

    SNCF Departing Newhaven on 11th July 1981. She is seen post her conversion to through loading, with a bow visor and the awkward alteration to her main passenger deck.
  2. Valencay

    Artists impression for the appearance of the then new ferry for the Newhaven - Dieppe service. Sold on board as a postcard before photographic views were available.
  3. Valencay

    SNCF A view of the ship after she had been rebuilt for through working showing the 'kink' in her passenger deck resulting from this conversion. Arriving at Newhaven on 27th August 1983
  4. Valencay

    SNCF At Newhaven early in her career before she adopted the Joint Service funnel insignia and prior to demolition of the old passenger terminal
  5. Valencay

    Early in her service on the Newhaven - Dieppe service before her lines were spoiled by partially raising her superstructure when her garaging space was increased
  6. Valencay

    Passed in mid-Channel sailing at full speed
  7. Valencay

    The joint service ferry Valencay of the Newhaven to Dieppe route seen here approaching Dieppe in the mid-1970's
  8. Valencay

  9. Valencay

    A Channel view of the Newhaven - Dieppe ferry in storm force 8 conditions
  10. SEA Link ferry at Newhaven,

    Seallink ferry VALENCAY @ Newhaven October 1983
  11. unknown = Valencay

    VALENCAY 1965 3430 tgr S.N.C.F. 1977- converted to drive through ro-ro 1982- served as relief ship 1984- laid up at Calais with sister VILLANDRY 1985- sold to Strinzis Lines S.A.Piraeus r/n EPTANISOS. From an original slide with full copyright
  12. "Eptanisos" in Killini Port (Greece)

    "Eptanisos" in Killini Port (Western Greece) in an afternoon route from Killini to Poros (Cephallonia) in 1998). In the photo she travels for Strinzis Lines.
  13. Valencay

    Valencay leaves Newhaven in the teeth of a gale and hits the first swell outside of the lee of the breakwater. There's worse to come for the poor passengers (and crew!). There's a great series of b/w pix at Newhaven Museum that follow her progress that day. I'll see if I can get permission to...
  14. Valencay

    Valencay leaves Newhaven on an evening sailing. Pic taken from the breakwater end.
  15. MV Valencay

    Valencay was the second of the French 'V-Boats' at Newhaven, the other being Villandry. Good reliable, workhorses, both of them, but oh what a racket their Pielstick diesels made!
1-15 of 16 Results