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  1. Valparaiso


    The Valparaiso of 1917, AB Nordstjerna Rederi A/B 1939: In collision with English steamer DICKY on the Thames. 1940: Required by The Ministry of War, London. 12/1940: Torpedoed and sunk 31/12 in pos. N 60.01', W 23.00' by German U-boat U-38 on a voyage from Montreal to Halifax and Glasgow. Of the 3
  2. Valparaiso


  3. Chilean navy

    Chilean navy

  4. Chilean navy

    Chilean navy

  5. Valpariso chile

    Valpariso chile

  6. Valparaiso Chile

    Valparaiso Chile

  7. Valparaiso Chile

    Valparaiso Chile

  8. Valpariso Chile

    Valpariso Chile

  9. Valpariso Chile

    Valpariso Chile

  10. Old Floating Dry Dock @ Valparaiso

    Old Floating Dry Dock @ Valparaiso

  11. Valparaiso 1961

    Valparaiso 1961

    Taken from PSNC's Santander
  12. Mercury @ Valparaiso

    Mercury @ Valparaiso

    Mercury (267mts l.o.a. 2500 passengers )
  13. Valparaiso




    Ultra-Deepwater drillship 'Tungsten Explorer' taking on heavy equipment from 'HHL Valparaiso'
  15. TS Urundi at Stettin

    TS Urundi at Stettin

    The German cargo Steamer Urundi, photographed in the port of Stettin (Szczecin), loading tanks of the German Tank Regiment 5 (stationed at Bernau near Berlin). The tank being lifted with the derrick is a type IV, the tank on the flat railway carriage is a type I. URUNDI (5791 GRT / 3569 NRT / 9270
  16. SMS Scharnhorst at Valparaiso

    SMS Scharnhorst at Valparaiso

    The armoured cruiser SMS Scharnhorst seen here at Valparaiso, a few days after the Battle of Coronel. The Scharnhorst (11,616/12,985 ts) was launched on March 22nd, 1906 by the Blohm & Voss shipyard in Hamburg, hull-number 175 and commissioned on Oct. 24th, 1907. On April 1st, 1909, Scharnhorst was
  17. Valparaiso


    A three-masted iron barque, built in 1866 by T. Vernon and Son, Liverpool. (188.0x31.1x18.8 ft.) (732 BRT / 633 NRT) 1866 : Launched for Balfour, Williamson and Co., Liverpool. 1891 : Sold to Ismay, Imrie and Co., Liverpool. 1892 : Sold to G.K. Styrup, Ribe, Danmark. Jan. 1905 : Sold to K.F. Lan
  18. Valparaiso, have you been here?

    Valparaiso, have you been here?

    Have you been here? I have. Valparaiso, Chile Small mini photo folder from my collection
  19. Valparaiso


    Johnson Line´s M/S Valparaiso passing thru the Panama Canal in 1939 sister-ship to M/S Pedro Christophersen From an old magazine in my collection dated to 1939
  20. Valparaiso 2

    Valparaiso 2

    Port of Valparaiso 1950.