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  1. English Bay, Vancouver

    English Bay, with a ship going towards First Narrows. Photo taken from Stanley Park, August 1985. West Vancouver and Bowen Island in the background.
  2. Vancouver

    Unknown Tugs. I believe it was Vancouver. Possibly a repair facility and slipway.
  3. Vancouver Tugs

    June 1989 Unknown Tug Vancouver. Barge used for conveying vehicles?
  4. Vancouver

    Seen from the Seabus headed toward the city centre from North Vancouver. At the cruise terminal are Carnival Spirit and Volendam

    CHARLES H CATES III seen at Vancouver 1st May 2013
  6. Prestige II

    The Photo was taken in Burrard Inlet, Vancouver. I'm thinking the late 50's early 60's, by my Grandfather. (sorry for the poor quality, it's a photo of a projected slide!) Any history of this old tug would be welcome!
  7. Vancouver

    Vancouver from North Vancouver during the winter Olympics February 26, 2010. Taken from the deck of the Tall ship Kruzenshtern.
  8. Vancouver

    Ships in Vancouver
  9. Vancouver

    0800 hrs. Cargo discharge about to commence. Myself, the morning after the night before. Vancouver 1990. mv Audax.
  10. Vancouver 30s

    Coastwise vessels of the Union Steamship Company on the south shore of Burrard Inlet in Vancouver. Probably mid-thirties. Foremost ship on the left is the Catala.
  11. Vancouver

    Cruise Terminal. Vancouver.
  12. Vancouver

    Passenger Liner Berth. Vancouver. 1990.
  13. Jebsens,Vancouver

    English longshoreman,George(Stornoway),????,De Boone(Barra),Eddie Glennie(Stornoway) in Eddies house,Vancouver.Eddie searched the auction houses of North America for nautical artefacts.Early eighties. George and De Boone were visiting from a Jebsens vessel.
  14. Jebsens,Vancouver.

    De Boone(Barra),Eddie Glennie and George Duncan(Stornoway).At eddies house Vancouver early eighties.
  15. Sailing Ship

    Unknown ship passenger wharfe Vancouver British Columbia
  16. Vancouver Forest

    Denholm managed 'Vancouver Forest' built 1969 in ice.
1-17 of 17 Results