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  1. Varangfjell

    9 hatch Bulk Carrier MV Varangfjell 1973, Aussie Mcphail and Little Billy Cannerly on focsle outward bound for New Orleans and Galveston to load grain. Confused background for this ship, We were working for the Hudson Steamship Company, the vessel was on Charter to Olsen and Uglestad of Norway...
  2. Varangfjell

    Olsen & Ugelstad bulk carrier "Varangfjell" arriving at Curacao. Completed by A/S Fredriksstad M/V in 1956 she was 10.774 grt, 15,251dwt with a 6 cylinder Gotaverken engine giving about 12.5 knots.

    Bulk carrier built in 1973 by UDDEVALLAVARVET AB, UDDEVALLA, SWEDEN for Townsend Car Ferries Ltd., Dover (in co-operation with Olsen & Ugelstad, Oslo) Norway 117,950 dwt 23,200 bhp 16 knots
1-3 of 3 Results