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  1. USS VEGA (AF-59)

    One of the RIGEL class storeships, commissioned in 1959; stricken in about 1974. She was the MOST heavily armed "reefer" in the US Pacific Fleet, with (4) 3"-.50 dual mounts (8 guns).
  2. Vega

    Arriving Davao
  3. Vega

  4. Vega

    The Vega coming alongside Boudicca at Tallinn on 18th September 2007
  5. VEGA

    Cargo vessel 'Vega' superstructure...... Stbd side: Man Overboard Boat Port side: Man Overboard Bike :) Al
  6. Vega

    Brodospas's tug Vega, at Bar,Montenegro,Yugoslavia,1979. Homeport Split,Croatia,Yugoslavia. Flag Yugoslavia. She was chartered by the Port of Bar from Brodospas Split for several years, the seventies of the twentieth century.
  7. VEGA

  8. VEGA

    Stern view of VEGA. Entire superstructure is bolted/pinned to deck to allow modifications (presumably)......
  9. VEGA

    Danish coaster VEGA near Rendsburg-Nübbel in summer 2008. She's one of four Sietas-type 72A vessels, which were originally built for the danish Nielsen&Bresling Shipping-Company/ Faaborg. VEGA was the former danish NINA BRES. Her sisters DORI BRES, RIE BRES and SILKE POLAX are also in service...
  10. Vega

    Launched Jan. 5-1938. Delivered in May-1938 from Cantieri Riuniti dell Adriatico, Trieste, Italy as passenger liner Vega to Det Bergenske Dampskibsselskab, Bergen. IMO 5615034 Steel hull, Cruiser stern 424.6’ x 58.3’ x 28.5’, 7287 gt, 1950 tdwt, 2x 10cyl 2tev Sulzer dm 12.400bhp, 21 knots. In...
  11. U37 and Wega

    Three type VIIC-boats and the type IXA boat U 37 (second boat from the left) at the beginning of 1942 in Gotenhafen. U 37 and the VII C-boat of the 22. U-Flottille where they served as training boats for new crews. All the boats are fitted with removable ice protection structures on...
  12. vega

    vega,off passage east,may,1998.
  13. "Vega" in Perama

    "Vega" with the livery of "Ventouris Ferries" in Perama (near Piraeus) in 1999 or 2000. She's the former "Falster" (built in 1975). She changed many names ("Prince de Bretagne", "Tarek B", "Atlas IV", "Europa") and in 1990 she was named "Vega". In Greece she travelled in different and...
  14. Vega

    Seen In Leixoes on the 16th July 2007, A Sietas type but sorry I have no more history on this ship, Anyone out there that Knows ???
  15. VEGA

  16. VEGA

1-16 of 16 Results