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    Ex-BRASILE constructed for la Compagnie Italienne La Veloce. Service commenced in December 1905 on the Genova - New York route. In 1912 renamed VENEZUELA for CGT and in June placed on the line serving the Colonies with a white hull. Transferred later on to the Bordeaux-Casablanca line with a black h
  2. Maracaibo, Venezuela

    Maracaibo, Venezuela

    Port of Maracaibo M/V Key Largo


    The Italian Grimaldi owned passenger ship VENEZUELA was grounded in the night 16-17 March 1962 off Cannes (France) and she was refloated after about one month and subsequently towed to Genoa, where she was condemned and scrapped. More info about the vessel here:
  4. Venezuela


    Venezuala flag Venezuela inbound for Rotterdam.


    VENEZUELA returning from her sea trials on 9th September, 1915. Identification Data Year built: 1915 Category: Passenger-/cargo vessel Propulsion: Steamship Type: Passenger-/cargovessel Type Deck: Awning deck Decks: 3 Construction Data Shipbuilder: N.V. Nederlandsche Scheepsbouw-Maatschappij, Amst
  6. Empress of Scotland - 1951 - Venezuela

    Empress of Scotland - 1951 - Venezuela

    Doing it the hard way. Landing stage & ships power boats. Empress of Scotland, Puerto Cabello, Venezuela. March 1951.
  7. Venezuela


  8. Yacht (unknown)

    Yacht (unknown)

    Seen off the coast of Margarita Island, Venezuela.
  9. Pelican pirates!

    Pelican pirates!

    This photograph was taken in the harbour at Pampatar on Isla Margarita, Nueva Esparta State, Venezuela. These 'squatters' adopt any small, moored craft.
  10. Unknown


    Seen off the coast of Margarita Island, Venezuela.
  11. Venezuela


    VENEZUELA 1948 5146 tgr Det Forenede/Dan 65-PANTELIS A.LEMOS 70-SUN YU 75-AZEEM Beached and scuttled 5.38N10.01E 4-82 From an original slide dated Aug62. Taken from the deck of an Messageries Maritime vessel. Netherland Antilles-Curacao.
  12. Oil tankers at Puerto Miranda, Venezuela

    Oil tankers at Puerto Miranda, Venezuela

    Puerto Miranda, Venezuela before 1964.
  13. Carga larga

    Carga larga

    Tenchbank in Puerto Cabello or La Guiara