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    Bulk cargo vessel VENTURE ex Balder anchored in the Bedford Basin on 14th April 2016. Ship Type:Self-discharging Bulk carrier. IMO: 9233416, MMSI: 538002408 Year Built: 2002 Yard: Oshima Shipbuilding,Oshima,Japan. LOA: 190m,LPP: 182m ,Beam: 32.3m,Depth:16.7m,Draught: 11.7 m. Gross Tonnage: 30,7

    DEC 2010.
  3. Venture

    scalloway last night
  4. venture

    towing nw foula

    in scalloway while back
  6. venture

    scalloway today
  7. venture

    steaming out by foula
  8. venture

    heading to scalloway sunday,foula in background.
  9. venture

    scalloway tonight
  10. Venture at Miramar wharf

    Should probably be in the 'Special service' category, as in this pic she was converted from the Dutch coaster 'Manuia' into a 1930's-looking ship for the movie 'King Kong'. Quite a dramatic change. Venture Built: 1956 Tonnage: 492grt Built as Auriga Mypuck(1956), Vingaren(1956-60), Borneland(19
  11. venture

    lerwick sat morning
  12. venture

    lerwick 8 am
  13. venture

    in lerwick ,
  14. venture

    in lk last week
  15. venture

    venture towing out west last trip
  16. venture

    venture or is it the solan ?
  17. venture

    venture lk 641 shootin east balta mar 08
  18. venture

    venture haulin gear mar 08
1-20 of 22 Results