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  1. Venus

    Venus in her Bergen Line ferry role approaching Stavanger.
  2. VENUS

    Dutch cargo ship VENUS of 1907. Identification Data (Source: Build: 1907 Category: Cargo vessel Propulsion: Steamship Type: General Cargo Type Deck: Half shelterdeck Decks: 2 Construction Data Yard: De Rotterdamsche Droogdok Maatschappij N.V., Rotterdam, Zuid-Holland...
  3. VENUS

    "VENUS", Dampfschiffahrts-Gesellschaft Neptun, Bremen, Gt 603, built in 1897 by Helsingör Jernskib & Maskinbyggeri, Helsingör, Denmark. 1954 scrapped at Hamburg. What about the nationality flag?
  4. Venus

    Bergen Line Alongside at Bergen
  5. Venus

    Bergen Line Built 1931 6,726 Gross Tons IMO 5378206 Model displayed on board Royal Viking Sun Photo: 11th August 1991
  6. VENUS

  7. VENUS

    ss VENUS was built in 1892 by Wm. Gray, West Hartlepool for the owners Schmidt & Hansen, Flensburg (Germany). Details here: She was beached near Wassenaar (The Netherlands) on 22nd February 1907 after...
  8. VENUS

  9. VENUS

  10. VENUS

  11. Venus

    Bergen Line Menu from a voyage aboard MV Venus to Madeira in November 1964
  12. Venus

    Bergen Line Brochure issued in 1964 advertising Autumn holidays in Madeira aboard the MV Venus
  13. Venus

    Bergen Line In those happy days when passengers were allowed on the ship's bridge
  14. Venus

    Bergen Line Going aboard, I believe taken at Newcastle
  15. Venus

    Bergen Line Passengers having fun and games on board. All except the guy on the left who looks as though he is about to discover why she had the nickname 'Vomiting Venus' due to her lively behaviour at sea
  16. Venus

    Bergen Line Checking on passengers as they arrive on board ready for departure from Stavanger
  17. VENUS

    Bergen Line's Venus at Stavanger
  18. Venus

    Bergen Line Seen later in her career when employed on cruises to the Canary Islands. Sailing down Southampton Water with some panache.
  19. Venus

    Fred Olsen's outward bound Venus in BDS colours speeds past Tynemouth Pier in 1973. It was not a particularly warm evening but the number of passengers enjoying the generous open deck space is remarkable.
  20. Black Prince

    Fred Olsen's Black Prince at Stavanger in the summer of 1992.
1-20 of 45 Results