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    Undergoing foreign refit.

    Supported with liquids from RFA WAVE BARON to stbd and solids by RFA LYNESS to port.
  3. Victorious The End

    Being handed over to local tug operators off Kilcreggan for final leg of tow to Faslane for breaking up having been towed by two Bustlers and a Confiance class. Apologies for the poor quality of the image(much enlarged)
  4. HMS Victorious

    Vice Admiral Sir Richard Janvrin, former commanding officer of HMS Victorious, stands at the salute in full dress uniform in the rear cockpit of a Swordfish as his former ship is towed to the scrappers. Only in the Royal Navy would anyone do a thing like that and, of course, it couldn't be done...
  5. HMS Victorious

  6. Victorious

    HMS Victorious photographed in the 1960’s being over flown by her Sea Vixens and a single Buccaneer aircraft
  7. HMS Victorious

    HMS Victorious
  8. Victorious

    Bow view of the British Royal Navy aircraft carrier HMS Victorious (R38) operating off Norfolk, Virginia (USA), between 15 and 20 July 1959. On deck are several planes of Victorious´ air group: a Douglas Skyraider AEW.1 of 849 Naval Air Squadron, five de Havilland Sea Venom fighters of 893 NAS...
  9. Victorious

    Aerial view of the Royal Navy aircraft carrier HMS Victorious (R38), taken circa 1958-1960, when the Royal Navy operated the Douglas Skyraider AEW.1.
  10. HMS Victorious

    Victorious and RFA - 1967 ish in the Singapore area?
  11. HMS Victorious

    Victorious leaving Singapore May 1967

    Pusher tug VICTORIOUS and asphalt barge John J.Carrick alongside at Eastern Passage,Halifax,Nova Scotia on 12 August 2010. Although common on inland waters in N.America these rigs are only seen in the Atlantic during the milder weather of the Summer months. IMO: 9473262, MMSI: 316013946 Vessel...
  13. unknown carrier leaving Mombasa.

    if only i had my camera,i bet the officer thought ,..below the flight deck.
  14. Carrier Victorious

    The photo is taken 1943 or before. The black shield forward is a wind barrier to protect the aircraft. Which here are Albacore torpedo-bombers and a Fulmar fighter. I have a suspicion this is a combination of several photographs, they did a bit of "doctoring" before the advent of computer...
  15. Bismarck hunters

    24th of May 1941, Bismarck is being chased. Ranged aft on the Victorious the Swordfish wait for orders to take off.
1-15 of 15 Results