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ville de tunis

  1. Ville de Tunis

    Ville de Tunis

    Another of the French Line fleet of ships employed on their Mediterranean services and with her racy Strombos funnel she has a hint of the magnificent France about her Built in 1952 at Lorient She was of 9,226 gross tons, 456 foot x 64 foot and with a service speed of 21 knots
  2. unknown = Ville de Tunis

    unknown = Ville de Tunis

    VILLE DE TUNIS 1952 9226 tgr C.G.T. 67-MEGALONISSOS KRITI 69-CITY OF ATHENS Foundered in tow 57nm ESE Formentera Is 26-3-80. Sorry for poor quality. From an original slide with full copyright. dated oct 64. Suggestions welcomed