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  1. Vital Spark

    Chust you keep away from that big boat with the red and black lum Dougie,it,s no for the likes of you n me.Don,t go telling that McPhail,he,ll be getting grand ideas above his station,him being a stoker an all.
  2. Vital Spark

    Vital Spark at Inveraray.
  3. Vital Spark

    Small fishing vessel Vital Spark (another one) in Loch Ryan, south of Cairnryan.
  4. Vital Spark

    Is that Para Handy himself taking his ease on the after end ?
  5. Vital Spark

    The Clyde Puffer, Vital Spark which was used in the TV series, The adventures of Para Handy. She is now lying alongside the schooner Arctic Penguin at Inverary and is part of the Maritime Museum there
  6. Vital Spark

    I wonder if this craft is named after the fictional Clyde puffer, created by Scottish writer Neil Munro?

    Monday 19.10.2009 I seen the Vital Spark passing off Greenock as she came to visit the QM 2. Last time I seen her she was tied up alongside at Inveraray. Good that she is now sea worthy. Hope she had safe journey back to her home port. She is still registered in Glasgow.
  8. Vital Spark

    Moored in the Crinan basin.
  9. Loch Shiel- Acharacle jetty

    Loch Shiel jetty in Acharacle is visited by MV Sileas during the tourist season. A 52' ex-admiralty pinnace/launch built by Silvers of Rosneath she has sailed on the loch since 1997. Previous name: 'Vital Spark' More history: There is...
  10. vital spark

    lying in dunmore east 2006
  11. Vital Spark

    Can ye name the harbour though? the dunes will give it away
  12. crinan canal

    yours truly alongside a filmstar
1-12 of 12 Results