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  1. In The Balance II

    in September 2011 I posted a Painting called In the Balance. At the time I noted that I would consider what was happening above the waves
  2. Wahine

    Union Steamship Co Built 1966 by Fairfield 8,944 gross tons, 490 foot x 71 foot beam, speed 22 knots
  3. Wahine Memorial at Seatoun

    The view facing West. ...and yes that greenery is getting thick.
  4. In The Balance sketch

    This is how my previous post started out, soft to medium pencil on xerox paper. I did two sketches; the other of the ship bow down with the anchor chains slack. This one was the better in terms of action and it also revealed the damage done.
  5. In The Balance

    Without power and seriously damaged the Wahine rides out tropical cyclone Giselle with 735 souls onboard with only anchors and chain between them a complete loss. All links and the hull held up, only the anchors slowly dragged across the shallow seabed.
  6. We Are Abandoning Ship!

    These words, heard over the VHF, were the first clue anyone ashore had that things were going bad out near Steeple Rock. Wahine was listing further and further and Captain Robertson had 738 souls to get clear before she rolled. This painting is one I have wanted to do for along time to...
  7. "We Are Abandoning Ship" -detail

    finally finished this work which I started back on April 25 last year. 1:40pm and the weather is moderating rapidly while the ship is deteriorating rapidly: time to go!
  8. Coastguard Wreathlaying

    The Wellington Coastguard, form after the Wahine was lost, laid a wreath in Korohiwi Bay and the Arahura sounded her foghorn as she passed by. The sea is flat calm under a clear calm sky just as it was on 11/04/1968
  9. Wahine 42nd Anniversary

    On a perfect autumn day we remebered them: the survivors, the lost, the rescuers and our own memories.
  10. A Quiet Moment

    A steward on board the Wahine takes a break from his duties of care for his passengers and contemplates a scene that is anything but quiet. based on an unpublished photo by steward Frank Robinson
  11. Wahine Mast at Korohiwa Bay

    Just to the right of the house is Burdons' Gate beyond which vehicles don't get access. In the background is Camp Bay where S1 was washed ashore upsidedown and damaged. Ross Jamieson spoke at the installation as did Ken Scadden of MAANZ our Maritime Archaeology Association.
  12. Wahine Mast Restored

    In August 1968 the masts and fnnel were the first objects to be cut away to allow the Holmpark to be moored close into the wreck. So close in fact that the slavge crew would just walk down a gangplank onto the the stern of the Wahine.
  13. Restored Wahine Mast

    The installation ceremony at Korohiwa Bay Eastbourne, Wellington. His worship, Mayor David Ogden is doing the honours for us.
  14. Wahine mast

    When this area was landscaped the mast laid across the road in apak/wild zone. It got tagged with graffiti which caovered most of the surface. This was, I think, a blessing in disguise as it would slow down the surface deterioration. Then it disappeared.
  15. Wahine Mast

    near Overseas Terminal late 1990s
  16. WAHINE

    A superb model at The Otago Museum in Dunedin,NZ. Built 1966 for USS Co Foundered 1968
  17. First Canvas Boards 1978

    This is being posted as a part of an ongoing discussion with Donald F Meek and others about first works. 1978 was the 10th Anniversary of the Wahine and that was what was painted. the titles are what I wrote on the backs at the time. the bottom painting was done in September and the top one...
  18. Inter Island Ferry Wellington Harbour

    Inter Island Ferry going to Wellington Harbour. Ferry is approaching Barrett Reef - off portside -where the Wahine was wrecked in 1968 with the loss of 51 lives. Photo taken from Pencarrow Sheep Stn. Tanker Tez
  19. general progress Jan 09

    bridge house, fan rooms, masts and funnel currently blutaced as are A deck wings adjacent A deck lounge. painting detail in corner is of the sinking of the Penguin
1-19 of 38 Results