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  1. Wahine; applying fender belting

    Wahine; applying fender belting

    hull is primed and marked ready for 1 st application of USSCo green
  2. Wahine


    fwd view model
  3. Full Astern Both

    Full Astern Both

    Date: 10 April 1968 Time: 0635hrs Place: Wellington Harbour entrance near Barrett Reef light bouy. While attempting to regain the open sea. The bridge watch of the TEV Wahine sight the light bouy off the southern end of the reef. Acting on instinct the captain orders "Full astern both" to
  4. Wahine off Queens Wharf

    Wahine off Queens Wharf

    7pm at the end of a daylight summer crossing
  5. Wahine Rescue Plaque

    Wahine Rescue Plaque

    Unveiled today at the mast in Lambton Harbour this plaque was commissioned by a group of Wahine Survivors to give public recognition yo those who saved them.
  6. A Terrific Sea

    A Terrific Sea

    This is how QM Ken McLeod descibed the sea that nearly capsized the Wahine at 6:14am... before the ship hit Barrett Reef. "Eternal Father strong to save, whose arm hath bound the restless wave, who bidd'st the mighty ocean deep its own appointed limits keep: O hear us when we cry to Thee
  7. Wahine Side Thruster

    Wahine Side Thruster

    located at Palmer Head this side thruster was originally salvaged from the wreck of the Wahine. Manufactured by Plueger the thruster was used on 10 April to help move the ship away from the Pencarrow coast which can be seen throught the trees.
  8. Camp Bay Today

    Camp Bay Today

    This is the landing place of the Wahine's S1 motorboat that Emmanuel posted.
  9. Wahine Mast Plaque

    Wahine Mast Plaque

    The plaque is untouched but sometimes some moron decides to tag the mast so out comes the ochre paint every so often.
  10. The Only Hope

    The Only Hope

    by late morning the Wahine is riding to her anchors and the tug Tapuhi is manouvering to recieve a towing line. The fate of 735 people would rest on a 4 inch thick towing wire.
  11. Wahine wrecked in Wellington harbour

    Wahine wrecked in Wellington harbour

    WAHINE this picture taken from KAWERAU as we entered Wellington from Lyttelton! This was about 4 months after the WAHINE sinking in April 10th 1968. The capt of Kawerau at this time was H.G. Robertson who was Wahine's Captain when she sank. This voyage must have been a "nightmare" for him
  12. Wahine Vehicle Deck 10/4/68

    Wahine Vehicle Deck 10/4/68

    Free surface water sloshes past the upturned car ramp at the aft end of the main car deck. The failure to remove this water would cause the ship to be lost within a few hours.
  13. WAHINE


    In all her glory
  14. Off Steeple Rock 10 April 06

    Off Steeple Rock 10 April 06

    I did this trip yesterday which was the anniversary of the Wahine disaster. I was very mindful of what happend here and what really got and shocked me was how close we were to shore yet no one was able to swim over there on the day.
  15. My God She's Sinking

    My God She's Sinking

    Painting of WAHINE being abandoned as seen from Seatoun Beach
  16. WAHINE


    Wahine laying on side Wellington Harbour not long after her sinking. I was on Holmdale en route to Chatham Islands..very quiet on board ..every body knew some one on it etc.Not a great photo ..but there it is.
  17. WAHINE launch

    WAHINE launch

    Larger scan of the photo I took at her launch in July 1965.To my regret I never took any more pix of her.