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  1. Wainui

    The messmans cabin, on board Wainui, Singapore 1967 L to R Terry Conway (messman) Tony Conroy (AB) and Sheldon Crewe (O/S)
  2. Wainui

    Cabin party, Wainui 1967 L to R Tony C, Arthur Amis and Dave Tickner
  3. Wainui

    USSCo Wainui

    UNION S.S. OF NEW ZEALAND LTD BUILT 1955 GROSS 8,573 LENGTH 472 ft BREADTH 63 ft Speed 16 knots Ex WHANGAROA 1965
  5. Wainui

    1930 Built R.& W. Hawthorn Leslie & Co. Ltd., Hebburn-on-Tyne for the Union Steam Ship Co. of NZ. 1633 grt. 1958 Sold to Teh-hu Steamship Co. Ltd., Hong Kong and renamed "Amonea" under the Panamanian flag. 14/12/1960 Went aground South of Palawan Island (117.13E 8.10N) and subsequently...
1-5 of 5 Results