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  1. Castilian

    Westcott and Laurence Line vessel Castilian, managed by Ellerman and Papayanni, in the Channel. Although completed by Alex Stephens as recently as 1955 and being only 5,300 tons dwt the Castilian was a steamer having a triple expansion engine with an exhaust turbine, allowing her to race around...

    Dover Straits 1960's Photogrpah by Skyfotos no copyright noted on back of print
  3. Waiwera

    Ashore from Auckland in 1979, hired a car for a day and drove around. Not exactly a port or harbour , more like a cove but a mighty fine place for a swim in the thermal pools. Shame that the slide was a bit underdeveloped,I can't lighten it much more or it becomes pixelated.
1-3 of 4 Results